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Carbon Fibre Fabric: The Next Generation Composite

When Carbon fibre fabric is combined with resins it produces a lightweight, strong material. It’s through the polymer molecules in the epoxy resin reacting with the polymer molecules in the hardener that creates the strong integrated molecular bonds. The result is a finished product offering high strength and durability.

Today, carbon fibre cloth is the ultimate lightweight composite. To understand exactly what carbon fabrics are, an understanding of the manufacturing process is necessary.

It’s important to understand that not all carbon fiber cloth is the same, there are many variations of weights and weaves with each type having an effect on the characteristics of the carbon fibre fabric. For more information on how different weights and weaves affect the carbon fibre composite please click here.

Carbon is manufactured into bundles of minute filaments and then wound into a bobbin. There are three main categories of raw carbon fibre:

  1. Standard modulus carbon fibre
  2. Intermediate modulus carbon fibre
  3. High modulus carbon fibre

While a good deal of carbon fibre supplies are used for special applications, commercial grade carbon fibre is common in day-to-day uses. Some examples are:

  • Automotive parts such as car bonnets and spoilers
  • Sporting goods such as kayaks and fishing poles
  • Accessories such as mobile phone cases

How Carbon Fibre Cloth is Produced

Using modern high speed looms fibres are woven into fabrics, most commonly 2/2 twill or plain weave. The nature of the plain weave is a balanced checker board pattern where a one-under-one-over technique is adopted. Here the fabric is woven tightly which results in a more stable, less susceptible to fraying and easier to handle without distortion or damage fabric. 2/2 Twill refers to a textile weave with a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs, this is done by passing the weft threads over one more of the warp threads and then under two warp threads with a ‘step’ or ‘offset’ between rows to create the diagonal pattern. This results in the popular diagonal pattern.

Both fabrics have the same amount of carbon fibre in each direction and the strengths are similar.

Composites4U: Suppliers of Quality Carbon Fibre Fabric in UK

Composite4U is one of the most reputable carbon fibre suppliers in the UK, supplying composite reinforcement materials which are heavily used throughout the aerospace, engineering and marine industries. Our extensive range of reinforcement materials are sourced from leading European manufacturers. Our comprehensive range of carbon fibre cloth includes:

  • Woven Carbon Fibre
  • Multiaxial Carbon Fibre
  • Unidirectional Carbon Fibre
  • Dynanotex
  • Innovative Tex
  • Carbon Fibre Tow

The fabrics can be used for both decorative and structural applications. If you are looking to buy carbon fibre cloth, then we are the right provider for you!

We’re happy to provide samples of carbon fiber fabric before you make a purchase.

Contact Composite4U today to discuss your carbon fibre fabric requirements.

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Carbon Fibre 120g Plain Weave 1k 1.2m Wide
Availability: In Stock
120g Plain Weave 1k 1.2m Wide This is a woven carbon fibre using a 1k in both warp and weft. With..
SPECIAL OFFER - Carbon Fibre 200g 3k 2/2 Twill 0.75m Wide
Availability: Out Of Stock
Composites4U special offer; 1st choice high quality carbon fibre 200g 3k 2/2 Twill Fabric ..
Carbon Fibre 200g 2/2 Twill 3k 1m Wide
Availability: 74
200g carbon Fibre 200g 2/2 Twill This is a woven carbon fibre fabric using 3k in both the warp an..
Carbon Fibre 200g Plain Weave 3k 1m Wide
Availability: In Stock
This fabric is 1m wide and weighs 200g/m². This classic 200g/m² plain weave woven carbon fibre fa..
Carbon Fibre 650g 2/2 Twill 12k 1m Wide
Availability: In Stock
This fabric is 1m wide and weighs 650g/m² This 650g/m² 2/2 twill fabric is produced from 12k carb..
Carbon Fibre 245g 2/2 Twill 3k 1.25m Wide
Availability: 84
This fabric is 1.25m wide and weighs 245g/m² The 245g/m². 2/2 Twill woven carbon fibre fabric has..
Carbon Fibre 280g 4/4 Twill 3k 1m Wide
Availability: 19
This fabric is a first quality special offer material This fabric is 1m wide and weighs 280g/m². ..
Carbon Fibre 280g Plain Weave 3k 1m Wide
Availability: 49
This fabric is 1m wide and weighs 280g/m². The 285g/m² plain weave woven carbon fibre fabric..
Carbon Fibre 285g 2/2 Twill 3k 1m Wide
Availability: 50
This fabric is 1m wide and weighs 285g/m². The 285g/m² 2/2 Twill woven carbon fibre fabric has be..
Carbon Fibre Biaxial 410g 1.27m Wide
Availability: 20
This fabric is 1.27m wide and weighs 410g/m². The carbon fibre 410g/m² biaxial combines 2 layers ..
Carbon Fibre Unidirectional 125g 3k 1m Wide
Availability: 85
This unidirectional fabric is 1m wide and weighs 125g/m² This 125g/m² unidirectional carbon fibre..
Carbon Fibre Unidirectional Fabric with Bonded Weft 218g 12k 0.5m Wide
Availability: 51
This unidirectional fabric is 0.5m wide and weighs 218g/m² The 218g/m² unidirectional carbon fibr..
Innovative Tex
Availability: Out Of Stock
The above images are indicative of the style of fabrics available, Composites4U cannot guarantee t..
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